Do you build kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are actually the one product we lean away from. All other structures for the home can be built!


How do I place a custom order?

You can drop me a message here on the website, on Instagram, send me an email, or give me a phone call.


How involved will I be in the order?

For all orders, there will generally be a free consultation by phone in order to lock down the product, design, and style. Then, I will usually either come to take measurements or get them from you. From here, you can be as involved as you would like. I generally like to keep my customers as involved as possible, so they can approve or disapprove of all major decisions. This way, I can get the product as close to what you envision as I possibly can. At the same time, if you wish for me to totally take the reins and just build you something awesome I can do that too!

Is adding epoxy to the project more expensive?

It can be for larger projects. I use very high quality and eco-friendly epoxy. It does not apply as much to small objects, but for tables please expect adding epoxy to significantly raise the final price.


Why aren’t there more products in the store?

My business is largely based on custom orders so that is generally what I work on. In between custom projects, I do build limited products for my retail store. However, if you see a product in the store you would like to buy that is not currently available or sold out, please shoot me a message and I will make it for you specifically!


How much will this cost?

Prices widely vary based on material, size, and design. Please keep in mind that my products are hand-built, custom pieces that are crafted to be enjoyed for generations. As such, my work will always be more expensive than your local IKEA, but worth the investment. Speaking very generally, prices on our most common orders can range as follows:

  • Small gifts: $45-$200
  • Side table: $120-$600
  • Coffee and console tables: $400-$5,000
  • Bathroom vanities: $800-$6,000
  • Dining tables: $1000-$10,000
  • Art pieces: $400-$4,000

And many more, feel free to ask!


What kind of wood do you use and where does it come from?

The most common species that we use are maple, burl maple, reclaimed pine, walnut, white oak, and cherry. I also use wood provided by the customer. However, we have access to many different species sustainably grown and sourced everywhere from Georgia to Maine. If there is a specific type of wood you would like to use, let me know and I will more than likely be able to get it for you!